Take the First Step to Building a Business You Want

As Business Owners it is often easy to get caught up in the day to day business, easily forgetting about the actual business. After a while the business starts to float along and might even achieve perceived “success” but the sad fact is most businesses never achieve success or the success can quickly evaporate.

We created RiveApp to help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs organize their business by helping create systems that work.

Analyze Your Business

Our business analyzer will help you take a moment and step back from your business. The analyzer breaks down your business into different pieces such as financial, customer service, employee management, and more. The analyzer will give you a quick overview of what issues your business might have.

  • Gain basic insights about your business
  • Learn which areas might need help
  • Gain basic insights about you in your business

Create Your Business Foundation

Core Values, Mission Statements, Vision Statements, and Business Objectives are often overlooked or have little meaning for the actual business because they are often look as unimportant. RiveApp will help your business create meaningful Core Values, Mission Statements, Vision Statements, and Business Objectives that drive your business.

  • Build Your Core Values That Mean Something
  • Build a Mission Statement That Matters
  • Build a Vision Statement That Makes Sense
  • Create Achievable Business Objectives
  • Utilize S.W.O.T.

Manage Your Business

RiveApp makes managing your business easy by helping you document how your business runs. Essentially creating a system. It is the first step in turning your business into an asset. By documenting your business system, you are taking the reliance on how your business runs from your mind to a digital form that any one can access.

  • Create Departments
  • Create Positions
  • Create Task & Procedures
  • Add Employees to Positions
  • Create & Manage Policies
  • Manage Products & Services

Build Your Business

A business must change and grow as time passes, else it will be left behind. RiveApp will help your business stay on track by driving you towards your business goals.

  • Create & Manage Projects
  • Use the Business BackBone to help you enter information.

Tool & Downloads

RiveApp offers online tools and downloads to help your business. Both are broken down into different categories such as Accounting & Financial, Business Improvement & Planning, Core Values, And More.

  • Online Tools
  • Downloads

Stats & Reports

Data can tell you what works and what doesn’t. RiveApp will help you record the important day to day that will have a high impact on your business. Then the reports and stats will be presented in a user-friendly format that is easy to digest.

  • Track each task preformed
  • Track basic information about customer interactions
  • Track productivity and morale


RiveApp allows you to connect with other savvy business owner & entrepreneurs through our community forum. Share your experiences and knowledge, ask for advice, and talk with other like minded people.

  • Talk with other business owners & entrepreneurs
  • Ask for advice
  • Share your knowledge & experiences
  • Create positive business relationships

Start Building The Business You Want Today!